Mashiko, Hakone?

We had decided to build a retirement home somewhere. It looked like Mashiko was the place. A pottery town about 2 hours drive from where we live now, we go to Mashiko a lot and have friends there. But there isn’t much to do there beyond the pottery. Hakone and Gora, on the other hand, stand in the mist of National Park. There are museums, fishing both lake and ocean, golf, boating, cultural events and those lovely spas. Besides all the greenery and tall trees, it is an awe inspiring place. The mountains are not tall compared to other places, but they are steep. And Gora is almost at the top of the Hakone mountains. We always feel at peace there, so we set our hearts on Hakone. (The photo above was taken from a Japanese style hotel that overlooks Lake Ashi.)

How to pronounce Hakone - there are 3 sounds: ha + co + nay